5 Tips for a Better Selfie

Knowing how to take a great selfie is a must in the social media world. Whether you are going to Yellowstone National Park, or if you just woke up looking really good, we want to help you put your best face forward with our 5 tips for a better selfie.

1) Use Higher Angles

When we say use higher angles, we aren’t suggesting that you place your phone directly over you, making it look like you are a giant floating head with feet poking out. What we are saying is that when you have the camera on your phone angled at your eyes or slightly above it will automatically slim you out. If you want to take this a step further, try poking your chin forward to remove any extra chins that you may want to hide.

2) Show Off Your Figure

We all want to look hot, right? Pose in front of your camera in a way that flatters your body. Whether you are sitting or standing, try practicing good posture. Trying to look more feminine? Bend your joints to look more curvy and barely part your lips to give an innocent look. If you are trying to look more masculine, stand with your shoulders square to the camera and puff out your muscles. If you want to look more rugged, try clenching your jaw to look like you just saved Gotham City.

3) Relax your Forehead

By the end of our lives, we will have lived at least 70% of it with wrinkles. Something that we see all the time with selfies, is that people will wrinkle up their foreheads when they smile. This makes them look a few years older than they actually are. When you go to take a selfie, first do a very natural calm smile, then exhale a laugh or a chuckle to give you a real smile without a wrinkled forehead.

4) Use Your Best Camera

Most front facing cameras on cellphones have a smaller resolution than rear facing cameras. For this reason, we recommend turning your phone around and taking a picture with your case facing you for a higher quality selfie. Because you can’t see your screen with this technique, we recommend taking a few “practice” selfies before any selfie events.

5) Lighting is Everything

While taking a selfie, keep in mind that the darker the area, the more grainy your picture will be. The best way to avoid this is to take a selfie near a window or outside. Just because it is typically brighter during the middle of the day, does not mean that  you will have a more flattering image because there is more light. The best times to take a selfie outside is right after the sun rises, and right before it sets, (golden hour).

Whether you are looking for a new profile picture, or even if you are just looking for a cute picture to send your crush, we hope our 5 tips for a better selfie help you out. Let us know in the comments below any selfie tricks that you’ve discovered!