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FrontWeddingWelcome to Harker Media! We are a media and photography agency owned and operated by a husband and wife. We work together to bring you a full photographic, marketing and web package. Our marriage brought an array of skills to the table. Ben is primarily the web developer and designer, while Janae  specializes in photography and marketing. 

We met at BYU-Idaho where we both received our bachelor’s degrees. Ben received his degree in web design and development, while Janae received her degree in communications with an emphasis in visual media and advertising. Ben is originally from Rexburg, Idaho and Janae is from Salt Lake City, Utah. Keep reading more to learn about us and our love story!

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Ben is a BYU-Idaho graduate with a degree in web design and development. Ben loves photographing wildlife, stars, food and landscapes. Ben is an analytical thinker who enjoys learning about how things work and operate, especially websites, cameras and programs.

Ben Harker


Janae is a BYU-Idaho graduate with a degree in communications with an emphasis in visual design and advertising. Janae loves photographing wildlife, pets and just about any type of portraits. Janae has been photographing since 2008 when she used it as a creative outlet to help her cope with an autoimmune disorder.

Janae Harker


IMG_5316Our Love Story

Written by Janae Harker

Ben and I met at BYU-Idaho fall 2015. I gave a speech in our congregation the day before a church activity where Ben approached me intrigued because I mentioned that I enjoyed photography. The first time we held hands was after a paintball war and the first time we kissed was during Lord of The Rings. But one of the best moments we had was in front of the Tetons where he purposed to me.  (Check out video he took of it).

Since then we began going on hikes and doing photography together. We got married on August 19, 2016 in the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple. Ben isn’t only a great photography buddy, he is my best friend in every single way. We decided to open Harker media in 2016 shortly after we were married because we love to work together on photoshoots, designs and marketing.