My Identity

A New Page

I am turning a new page in my design. I am starting to focus more exclusively on web and graphic design, and less on photography. My lovely wife Janae, will be focusing more on that. With the shift in focus comes a refined identity, and a new logo. I really love the one I am using, and was able to refine it a little further to better align with what I hope to focus on in the future. In the design process, however, I found and option I think I may like even more.

The Goal:

The goal here was to make a vector based, non-text logo that will identify me at a glance. That is not easily accomplished. The logo I have now is one that combines my initials, and what I do as a designer, as you can see broken up below.


Here is the final vector. I like the really unique character of this symbol, and how it represents me. It does however have a Chinese feel to it that doesn’t really make sense.


Take Two

As I was considering other ways to represent my identity and focus on web design, I focused on the initials H and M for my new site here at harkermedia.com. I really struggled for a while trying to create a symbol that identified me as a designer. I tried searching for symbols for design, but I could only find rulers and pencils, and that’s not what I’m about. As I browsed and brainstormed more, I found that computers symbolized what I do better than a ruler, and that’s what I went with. This is what some of those sketches looked like:

I liked the concept of the M inside of the H, and was excited to see how they would look together. I was able to draw a very simple monitor, and liked how it felt together. Here is the evolution of my drafts:


The Consensus

So here were my final pics! I liked the logo from the past, but my new logo will better represent what I do. That is the one I will start to use as I build a new site over at harkermedia.com!


El Fin