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Spring Internship with Monkey Bar Storage

Written By Janae Harker

SEO Specialist

Monkey Bars is a well-established business that gains most of its success from marketing and local dealer efforts. I interned with them for 150 hours beginning Spring 2017. As an intern, my job was to learn everything that I could about SEO, build meaningful links and write articles for guest posts.

What I Learned

I learned about domain authority. When a page has low domain authority and a link is built on that website, it could hurt the SEO of the linked website. I also learned that the best kind of links to build are with blogs that are near the local dealer. I built local links at my internship by reaching out to blogs to see if they would accept a guest post.

My Contributions

Every week I emailed around 50 individuals about posting to their blogs. I also wrote at least two guest posts a week. Often, articles that I sent took a minimum of two weeks before they were published. Twice a month I checked the ranking status on Google of a few of our dealers. The dealers who were struggling to rank with Google become my primary focus as I built citation and directory links. I also contributed by using templates to create sharable infographics and images to display in guest posts.

Applying My Knowledge

Because of the incredible experience that I gained while interning at Monkey Bar Storage, I feel confident that I can use the techniques that I learned while interning to help our clients build their SEO and local brand recognition.